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Welcome to a whole new world of personalized digital shopping experience.

Yay! I`m an Indian stellar digital futurist e-commerce portal as a medium with the sole objective, to create micropreneurs / entrepreneur, at a time when re-employability is nil. Lockdown has impacted several lives while somodesk comes as a boon to businessmen who can find products and services for their commercial areas & offices, and also facilitates personal, health, luxury & lifestyle purchases as a one-stop shop. Most of the revenues earned on your purchase on internationally owned e-commerce platforms are accrued to foreign business houses while somodesk channelises your contribution to build and grow the Indian economy.

Somodesk offers you much more than an e-commerce business experience. Just like an e-commerce shop, the site offers you various products and services online. It helps you browse products and services, add them to your cart and buy them. Your patronage to somodesk will help you purchase quality products and services at better prices since suppliers presently, shell out a large percentage margin to international platforms, and price the product higher to recover that sum.

The prime objective of e-commerce is to empower entrepreneurship and help grow businesses across the country. It is about helping budding and established businesses to improve their sales and profits. Somodesk wants to help passionate business persons promote and sell their products. Somodesk is the only e-commerce portal empowering women, the under privileged, the handicapped, the socially challenged and the seniors, to fulfill their dreams of micropreneurship / entrepreneurship and earn to lead a dignified life. registers Affiliates who promote our Alliance products and services. Alliances are the suppliers of products and services. Affiliates resolve the most important challenges that our Alliances' face - marketing, promotion and customer acquisition that leads to sales. This very expensive necessity is effortlessly handled by our Affiliates.

You can continue to be a regular valuable customer at, or you can signup to login as an Affiliate at to earn, learn and grow. You, as our valued Customer, Affiliate, Reseller or Alliance together will help build a vibrant ecosystem to benefit all. It is not just the future of Affiliates or Alliances at play, our equality polices are best suited to customers too.

Opportunity to Earn Proceed to Buy Be a Reseller